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50 Word Story – Jerome

She had a long day at work and couldn’t wait to go home and just look into Jerome’s eyes. She smiled, entering the apartment. “Honey, I’m home!” She walked over to a cupboard… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Cold Shoulder

She was turned away from him, and he felt her distance. He closed the gap between them, reached out, and caressed her cheek. No response. He felt anger welling up inside. “You wouldn’t… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Always Just Watching

She traveled these woods many times. Sometimes marveling at the pink clouds of a sunset or catching glimpses of shy rabbits but always just watching. “I must ask someone to walk with me… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Rubbed Raw

Rubbing her fetish, she hoped this overwhelming need would disappear. She felt hungry, yet it wasn’t food that would satiate her. She’d barricaded her heart years ago, but here she was pining to… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Dark Passenger

You need to lie. “The last time I saw Barney was on Wednesday.” “Are you sure?” Detective Higgins frowned. I nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry.” Driving home, he barked at me, Go get a… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Toxic

I returned to him. I always did. A toxic and intoxicating love. I shiver now; thinking of how he’d bend me over and slap my bottom until it was as red as Father… Continue reading

Fighting with the Devil

Juan goes to church, because he sees the devil in his dreams.  He wakes up in the middle of the night with sweat streaming down his body. “I don’t know why he don’t… Continue reading

The Voices

After a long day at the office, Dr. Scott Petit couldn’t wait to get home.  As he approached his car, what appeared to be a sleeping squirrel on his hood turned out to… Continue reading